Do Nj Residents Care about Climate Change?

Montclair, New Jersey (My9NJ) -Yesterday a meeting took place in Montclair, New Jersey to discuss the effects of climate change here in the Garden State. Business and local leaders along with Deputy Mayor Bob Russo gathered to talk about what is being done to reduce their carbon footprint on a local level.


Montclair’s sustainability officer said that by simply changing the light bulbs in the city’s buildings they have reduced their energy bill by $65,000 a year. It’s the small things like this that prove that starting on a local level is important and does make the necessary changes needed for the future.

Essex County Freeholder Brendan Gill said that what they are accomplishing is all part of their efforts to try and support President Obama’s federal initiatives on climate change. “We had a severe rain and flood storm here in Montclair which helped shut down the Montclair-Boonton (train) line. So there were people who were stranded in New York, couldn’t get home from their jobs, people who wanted to get into New York as a result of a severe weather situation, a storm that doesn’t normally happen at this time of year. So you really do need a word like climate change because you need something that gets people’s attention. You got to shake people up and say listen, something is going on here that you need to think about and you need to look at,” Gill explained.

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Brendan Gill Freeholder