Glen Ridge editorial: Safe Crossings in Glen Ridge

Last week, the Voice spent some time talking (and traffic-watching) with resident George Musser, who is participating in the Complete Streets talks. He’s spending time in some of the most traveled intersections around the borough, including Ridgewood and Bloomfield avenues. Anyone who spends just a few minutes at this intersection, particularly during rush hours, can easily see its multiple uses – commuters walking to and from the train station, families dropping off their kids at school, or residents taking their daily jog or stroll. According to Essex County Fifth-District Freeholder Brendan Gill, the county has made strides in its roads, under the "Complete Streets" policy. In Glen Ridge, that includes ADA improvements for wheelchair ramps, painting road markings and looking at the timing of the crossing signal at Ridgewood and Bloomfield avenues.

Kudos to Gill for introducing the Complete Streets policy, and putting a focus onto the Ridgewood-Bloomfield intersection. We all probably know how busy – and at times, hair-raising - that corridor of Bloomfield Avenue is. In an accident early last month, a pedestrian was struck by a pickup truck while crossing the intersection around 6:30 p.m. one evening. She was taken to the hospital for minor injuries.

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Brendan Gill Freeholder