Brendan Gill: Raise the Wage

This week, Essex County Freeholder Brendan Gill outlines his argument as to why New Jersey voters should vote 'Yes' on Public Question Number 2 on Tuesday, November 5th and in doing so, raise the statewide minimum wage by $1 per hour.


Click here to read Brendan Gill's letter to the editor as printed in the Montclair Times.


Freeholders Celebrate Italian Heritage Month

The Essex County Board of Chosen Freeholders celebrated Italian Heritage Month earlier this month at the Hall of Records.  The event was hosted by District 4 Freeholder Leonard Luciano of West Caldwell and District 5 Freeholder Brendan Gill of Montclair.  During the celebration of Italian culture and heritage, the board also honored the following individuals: Philip B. Alagia of Fairfield, Paul Alongi, Sr., of Bloomfield, and Angelo Di Federico of Newark.




Senator Booker Gets to Work

Republican Strategist, Sean DiSomma, Democratic Strategist Mike Murphy and Essex County Freeholder and former Statewide Director for Lautenberg Brendan Gill all chimed in on this latest special election.


Brendan Gill Discusses the Second Senate Debate

Following the second debate, Booker's camp declared victory over this debate just 15 seconds after it actually ended.

Essex County Freeholder Brendan Gill doesn’t think that this race is really as close as many people think. “This expectation game that was set was unrealistic and the idea that any candidate whether Republican or Democrat would carry this state by 20 plus points is just crazy.”  Click here to watch the segment on My9's Chasing NJ.


Bloomfield Updates North Center

Complete Streets improvements to Bloomfield's North Center will beautify Broad Street and foster economic development, officials said Wednesday.

While construction has commenced, local, county and state officials held a groundbreaking ceremony at Broad and Baldwin streets to tout the work.

Essex County Freeholder Brendan Gill called himself a "big fan" of Complete Streets programs and hopes other towns follow Bloomfield's lead. "Bloomfield was one of the first towns in the state, I think, to complete a Complete Streets policy," he said. "It helps drive economic development. It has the ability to change entire neighborhoods."




County Official Honors Nutley Special Olympics Athlete

Freeholder Brendan Gill of Montclair honored swimmer Nadiuska Negron of Nutley for her silver medal-winning performances at the Special Olympics New Jersey Summer Games held June 7-9 at the College of New Jersey in Ewing. 

Negron won her silver medals in the 50-meter freestyle and 50-meter breaststroke in the female 30-plus divisions, with the times of 54.72 seconds and 58.38 seconds, respectively. She competes through Special Olympics New Jersey Essex County network of local training programs. Her mother Thelma Gardeslen coaches her and she trains at the Montclair YM/YMCA.




Run With Cory in Montclair

Montclair - Dressed in an all-black Under Armour shirt and shorts, Newark Mayor and U.S. Senate candidate Cory Booker took to the streets of Montclair in his latest campaign event, jogging a 1.3 mile loop with more than 50 supporters and campaign workers tonight.

The events have been held all over the state, and usually end with Booker buying ice cream or frozen yogurt for his supporters so they can "put back on" all the calories they burned off, he joked.

Booker was joined by Essex County Freeholder Brendan Gill, who said the mayor can usually keep up a leisurely nine-minute-mile pace during the runs.


Raise the Wage, Freeholders Urge

The Essex County Board of Chosen Freeholders unanimously approved a Resolution urging Essex County residents to vote “Yes” on Ballot Question 2 in the November election to raise New Jersey’s minimum wage and allow for an annual cost-of-living adjustment at West Orange Town Hall this week.


Shaq & Booker Break Ground, Brendan Gill Weighs in on Senate Race

With Booker on his way out of Newark soon, whether to take over the open Senate seat or not, Gill says that New Jersey’s biggest city will have some adjusting to do. “I think the city itself has a big decision in front of it with the mayoral candidates. I think whoever is elected to that position is going to need to fill some of that space. The city has been under state control now for close to I think 25 years, so there are limitations in the chief executive of that city and what they can do to assess the quality of education, that’s number one.”


Montclair Democrats, Blue Wave NJ Open Campaign Office

Montclair Democrats and BlueWaveNJ opened their joint headquarters at 480 Bloomfield Ave. on Wednesday, Sept. 25.

The political organization and advocate group have used the space during each election season since 2010, according to Essex County District 5 Freeholder Brendan Gill, chairman of the Montclair Democrats.


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