Venezia is Sworn in as Bloomfield Mayor

Democrat and township councilman Michael Venezia was sworn in as the 20th mayor of Bloomfield at the Township Council’s reorganization meeting held Wednesday, Jan. 1, at the Van Fossen Theater on the Bloomfield College campus. Also taking the oath of office was Wartyna Davis, Joseph Lopez and Carlos Pomares, who all won at-large council seats on the Venezia slate in November.
The new mayor pledged to summon the courage of the residents, to raise their hopes and their confidence.

Freeholder Brendan Gill, who swore in Pomares, recalled when he and Venezia were colleagues in the office of Frank Lautenberg, the late United States senator from New Jersey. Addressing Pomares, Gill said the new councilman was a professor of history. “To know where you’re going is to know where you’ve been,” he said, adding that Pomares was a person with that kind of knowledge.

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Brendan Gill Freeholder