Note From Brendan

As a life long Essex County resident who was born in Belleville at the Clara Maass Medical Center, raised in Montclair attending their Public Schools, and graduated from Seton Hall in South Orange, I am both proud and privileged with the honor of serving as the at large Essex County Commissioner. 


Essex County has a long and rich history dating to 1682 when the county was officially established by the East Jersey Legislature as of the four original counties of present-day New Jersey.


In Essex County, forward-thinking is also a tradition. In 1895, Essex County became the first County in the United States to create a Countywide park system. That year, the Governor of New Jersey signed legislation creating the Essex County Parks Commission and the first 60 acres of land acquired from the City of Newark as the beginning of Branch Brook Park. The Parks Commissioners had the foresight to retain Frederick Law Olmsted, the creator of New York’s Central Park, to design 20 of Essex County’s 25 parks and reservations. Those first 60 acres have grown into 5,745 acres of green space which include vast reservations, developed parks, golf courses, tennis courts, ice and roller skating complexes, and a zoo.

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The Latest

Commissioner Brendan W. Gill Issues Statement of Support on Governor Murphy’s Announcement to Expand Eligibility for COVID-19 Vaccination Program

March 02, 2021

I support Governor Murphy’s recent announcement expanding the list of groups eligible to receive vaccinations through the New Jersey COVID-19 Vaccination Program. I believe this expansion is a significant step in the right direction because it includes educators and school staff from pre-k through 12th grade settings, childcare workers, and transportation workers, among others. I support and applaud this decision because it brings us another step closer to protecting one of our most vulnerable groups, our children. Furthermore, it brings us closer to a tangible way of protecting our teachers and our students; while ultimately reaching our goal of safely reopening our schools.​

Essex County Commissioners Celebrate African-American Heritage Month

February 22, 2021

On February 17, 2021, the Essex County Board of County Commissioners virtually held its 2021 African-American Heritage Month Celebration via Zoom teleconference. The ceremony commemorated the heritage, culture, resilience, and spirit of the African-American community, and acknowledged the contributions of Essex County’s African-American residents.

Essex County Commissioners Recognize the Montclair Neighborhood Development Corporation on 50th Anniversary

February 11, 2021

The Essex County Board of Commissioners recently adopted a resolution honoring the Montclair Neighborhood Development Corporation (MNDC) for celebrating their 50th Anniversary of community building and service to the residents of Montclair and the surrounding communities. Due to COVID-19 gathering restrictions, the MNDC held a virtual celebration themed “Our Brothers’ Keeper” on January 18, 2021, commemorating the landmark anniversary.

The Essex County Board of County Commissioners: Proud of our Past and Optimistic on our Future

January 22, 2021

As we move forward under the leadership of our new President Joe Biden, I feel a palpable sense of optimism with respect to the direction of our country. While leading a nation has challenges on a larger scale than leading a county, I feel the same sense of optimism for Essex County as our legislative body - the Board of County Commissioners - transitions to the leadership of our newly sworn-in President - Wayne L. Richardson. I am excited for the future of Essex County, and extremely humbled and honored to have contributed to the many outstanding accomplishments of the Board during my time as President over the last three years.

Essex County Freeholder President Brendan W. Gill issues statement on the election of President-elect Joe Biden and Vice President-elect Kamala Harris

November 07, 2020

“In the most pivotal election of our lifetime, the American people reaffirmed the demand that our President carry himself with civility, while promoting unity among our citizens - as opposed to sowing seeds of division through fear.


I look forward to supporting and working with our future President and Vice President as they lead us through the challenges of addressing the COVID-19 pandemic, bolstering our economy, engaging in environmental responsibility, and embracing the fight for equality and social justice."

The Democratic Party of New Jersey Looks to Unify Ahead of Election Year

November 18, 2020

“There have been differences of opinion on some of the substantial policy issues that the governor put forward. But what I’ve seen is the natural progression over the first two years and now deep into the third year of an administration where they have started to find areas of mutual concern and be able to work more closely together,” Gill said. “I think it’s a natural progression for an administration to make after having the ability to kind of get planted, so to speak.”

Freeholders Tyshammie L. Cooper and Wayne L. Richardson Hold Virtual Workshop on Essex County Vendor Selection Process

November 17, 2020

Freeholder President Gill echoed the sentiments of his colleagues. “The services provided by Essex County cannot be executed without reliable and trustworthy vendors. Many of our vendors come from Essex County, and it is always our intention to provide local businesses with opportunities to attain the contracts the Board approves. This workshop served the purpose of providing specific details, in a clear and concise format, to help local business owners and operators feel comfortable applying for county contracts.”

NJEDA Grant Will Help Montclair Restaurants and Residents with Food Need

March 01, 2021

New Jersey Senator Nia Gill, Essex County Commissioner Brendan Gill, Mayor Sean Spiller, and former Mayor Ed Remsen of the Mayor’s Covid Task Force (Non-Profit SubCommittee) all put time and energy to supporting this initiative. The grant was submitted by Toni’s Kitchen, a food ministry of St. Luke’s Episcopal Church, and is uniquely designed to be a collaborative effort among Montclair restaurants and local non-profits.