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Updated: Jan 21, 2021

Freeholder President Brendan Gill to speak at Virtual Press Event on New Jersey participation in Transportation and Climate Initiative (TCI)

November 09, 2020

Essex County Commissioner President – Brendan W. Gill

In order to mitigate the harms of a warming climate New Jersey has taken major steps to reduce emissions from the transportation sector acknowledging that it’s

the source of 42 percent of the state’s greenhouse-gas emissions. But with the pandemic state expenditures went up, while tax revenue went down creating a

budget crunch. New Jersey’s goal of an 80 percent carbon emission reduction by 2050, for the health and well-being of all citizens got more challenging.

That’s one way the Transportation and Climate Initiative (TCI)., a consortium of eleven states in the Mid-Atlantic and Northeast and the District of Columbia, will help. The program is projected to reduce pollution while improving public health, and bringing in revenue. According to the Georgetown Climate Center, TCI New Jersey can help reduce regional pollution by 63 percent, prevent more than 1,000 pollution-related deaths, and generate $10 billion in reduced health costs. Over 100 elected officials from New Jersey have already signed an Elected Officials to Protect America - New Jersey letter to Governor Murphy urging him to join the final TCI Memorandum of Understanding that will be completed later this year. According to the results of a poll conducted by The Nature Conservancy 79 percent of voters questioned support New Jersey joining TCI. “It’s not surprising that citizens across the state support this common-sense program. TCI is an unique opportunity to wean our way off of fossil fuels while growing jobs. Making our cities better places to live and work will create more vibrant healthier local economies and inclusive communities,” said Essex County Commissioner President Brendan Gill, Co-Chair of the Elected Officials to Protect America/New Jersey.

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